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Potahto Week

Visit Winnipeg restaurants to try unique dishes made with locally grown potahtoes.

Ready to get your fill of Manitoba’s favourite earth-crafted vegetable? We sure are! Here’s everything you need to know before you dig in.

Get Your Potahto On

Our third annual Potahto Week is officially happening, and we literally can’t wait!

From February 21 through March 1, 2020, Winnipeg’s top restaurants will dish up unique and delicious dishes starring the potahto. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime-chance to taste potahto dishes exclusive to the event, so mark your calendars (or beware the FOMO)!

Potahto Week isn’t just a celebration of our favourite veg…it’s also a chance to unleash your inner food critic and get judgy. Your vote will help determine which restaurant gets to be crowned Potahto Week Champ, so don’t forget to report back and tell us what you think.

And to all our favourite Winnipeg restaurants, this is your chance to shine! Download the participation form and return it to morganc@thinkshiftinc.com by February 7, 2020 to be part of Potahto Week 2020.

Participating Restaurants

Potahto Week cannot come soon enough! To tide you over ‘till February, here’s a sneak peek at which of your fave Winnipeg eateries are participating, and there’s more to come!

Contest Ended


Past Champions

Though we can only crown one Potahto Week Champ a year, every single restaurant and potahto lover who participates deserves our endless thanks and recognition. Our tastebuds were #blessed to sample your creative renditions of our favourite veg. Without your passion and creativity, Potahto Week would not be what it is today!


Potahto Week Sponsors