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POTAHTO - Participating Restaurants

POTAHTO WEEK February 23 - March 3

Visit Winnipeg restaurants to try unique dishes made with locally grown potahtoes.

Dig in

Ready to get your fill of Manitoba’s favourite earth-crafted vegetable? We sure are! Here’s everything you need to know before you dig in.

How to Participate

Restaurants — want to get in on the potahto action? (We know you do!) Contact our Potahto Week organizer, Morgan Carey, for more information and complete the sign-up forms provided by February 11, 2019. You can reach Morgan by email at morganc@thinkshiftinc.com, or by phone at (204) 989-4323 ext. 273.

Plan Your Potahto-ing

Gotta try ‘em all! To help you squeeze in as many potahto dishes as possible, we’ve provided a helpful list of all participating restaurants so far, their Potahto Week masterpieces to follow. Check it:

  • 529 Wellington
    529 Wellington

    529 Mashed with Black Garlic Butter

  • 529 Wellington
    529 Wellington

    Lobster Poutine

  • 529 Wellington
    529 Wellington

    Roasted Fingerling Potahtoes with Truffle Oil and Parmesan

  • 529 Wellington
    529 Wellington

    Cream of Potahto Soup with Bacon and Crispy Leek

  • Across the Board
    Across the Board

    Flight of Potahto Chocolate Truffles

    Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Coated in Shredded Coconut
    Chocolate Caramel Truffle Coated in Crushed Walnuts
    White Chocolate Almond Truffle Coated in Shaved Almond

    Served With an Espresso Whiskey Caramel Sauce.

  • Bistro in the Park
    Bistro in the Park

    Bison Cottage Pie with Mile-High Colcannon and Champ Potahto

    Bison and root vegetable stew topped with mashed potahtoes mixed with fried cabbage, green onion and cheddar and white cheddar cheese. Served with side garden salad and grilled potahto bread.

  • BerMax Caffé + Bistro
    BerMax Caffé + Bistro

    24K Gold Potahto with Chicken

    Roasted Potahto wrapped in a 24K gold leaf and stuffed with roasted chicken with vegetables.

  • BerMax Caffé + Bistro
    BerMax Caffé + Bistro

    Ukrainian Potahto Perogies

    Traditional Ukrainian Homemade (at our bakery) Perogies topped with caramelized onion, green onion and dill. Served with sour cream.

  • BerMax Caffé + Bistro
    BerMax Caffé + Bistro

    Baked Stuffed Potahto with Vegetables

    Baked potahto stuffed with glorious grilled eggplant, sweet potato, garlic, red pepper, zucchini, carrot and topped with parmesan. Served with salad.

  • BerMax Caffé + Bistro
    BerMax Caffé + Bistro

    Fingerling Potahtoes with chicken

    Roasted Fingerling Potahtoes with chicken on skillet. Topped with dill and garlic

  • Blaze

    "Baked Potato" Gnocchi

    House Made Pothato Gnocchi, asiago cream, sautéed potato, crispy potato, green peas, bacon crumble, sour cream, lemon oil, green onion, parsley.

  • Blondie's

    Blondie's Special Poutine

    Fresh handcut fries with layers of ground beef, fried onions, crispy bacon smothered in homemade gravy and cheese.

  • Blue Marble Restaurant
    Blue Marble Restaurant

    Potahto Maxime

    Potahto bacon leek sauce with sweet potahto puree, mushroom spinach swiss stuffed chicken breast potato maxime, green peas and parsley oil.

  • Boon Burger
    Boon Burger

    Bacon Cheeze Burger Poutine

    Fresh oven baked fries, topped with cheese, in house made gravy and crumbled black bean patty on top

  • Brazen Hall Kitchen & Brewery
    Brazen Hall Kitchen & Brewery

    Potahto Confit with short rib and poached egg

    Celebrate Manitoba Potahto Week with winter in mind. Potatoes braised in beef fat and herbs, deep fried for only seconds, topped with our beef short rib, creamy savoury gravy and a Manitoba poached egg.

  • Beaujena's French Table
    Beaujena's French Table

    Baked and Fried Gnocchi

  • Buccacino's

    Gnocchi Abruzzo

    Our fresh made gnocchi pasta in a roasted garlic and goat’s cheese rose sauce with sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms. finished with crispy prosciutto.

  • Cafe Carlo
    Cafe Carlo

    Crunchy Potahto Rostis

    Served with pulled lamb, yogurt and mint.

  • Cafe Ce Soir
    Cafe Ce Soir

    Bison Poutin

    Local Manitoba bison on fried MB red potahtoes with squeeky cheese, peas, onions and gravy.

  • Cafe Dario
    Cafe Dario

    The Jets Pucktatoes

    Russet and Red grated potahtoes filled with a ground bison and cranberry mixture and served with a yellow potahto, leek and cream sauce.

  • Carnaval Brazilian BBQ
    Carnaval Brazilian BBQ

    Waterfront's "Potahto Catch" of the Week

    An oven roasted Manitoba Yukon Gold Potahto cut to look like a fillet of fish, seasoned with butter, salt and pepper, then topped with thinly sliced colored fingerlings “scales”.
    Our catch of the week is served with a housemade garlic mayo and balsamic drizzle.

  • Carne Italian Chophouse
    Carne Italian Chophouse

    Wagyu Beef Hash

    Banana fingerling potahtoes, wagyu beef, button mushrooms, fontina cheese, peppercorn gus, sunny side up egg.

  • Chaise Café & Lounge
    Chaise Café & Lounge

    Smashed Potahto Bleutine

    Smashed potahtoes coated in a creamy blue-cheese alfredo with silvered green onions and shaved parm.

  • Cibo Waterfront Café
    Cibo Waterfront Café

    Caldo Verde

    Portuguese potahto, chorizo and kale soup.

  • Close Company
    Close Company

    Warm Potahto Fondue with Raclette

    Served with caramelized onion and charcoal chips.

  • Cocobeans Bakeshop and Cafe
    Cocobeans Bakeshop and Cafe

    Wild Mushroom Gnocchi

    Hand-made gluten free vegan gnocchi served with braised local kale and a wild mushroom fricasseé.

  • The Cornerstone Bar and Restaurant
    The Cornerstone Bar and Restaurant

    Pomme Paillasson

    Crispy fried potahto, sour cream, chives, pickled shallot, acadian premium caviar (Atlantic Sturgeon).

  • Corrientes Argentine Pizzeria
    Corrientes Argentine Pizzeria

    Anna on Smoked Capicola

    Anna potahtoes on a fat butter, placed on slices of smoked pork capicola, topped with cilantro cream and lemon zest.

  • D-Jay's Restaurant
    D-Jay's Restaurant

    Manitoba russet potahtoes cooked and smashed with herbs,  green onions, red pepper, cheddar cheese. Topped with crispy shoe string potahtoes then garnished and drizzled with crème fraiche.  Served with pork tenderloin medallions, marinated then, lightly grilled and finished with a light demi glaze.


  • Empanadas & Company
    Empanadas & Company

    Potahto Balls

    A potahto croquette stuffed with beef, vegetables, tomato sauce and cheese served on a bed of fresh greens.

    An explosion of flavor!!

  • Era Bistro
    Era Bistro

    Latkes Benedict

    Crisp potahto latkes with smoked salmon and 2 poached eggs smothered in hollandaise sauce and fresh dill.

  • Fusion Grill
    Fusion Grill

    Potahto Tasting Menu

    First        –  Pommes Aligot with Buffalo mozzarella, in-house smoked Berkshire pork loin
    Second   –  Curry cauliflower, red potato, peas, tamarind, Greek yogurt, yellow potahto croquette
    Premiere – Potahto crusted beef tenderloin, Dijon, demi-glace, winter vegetable medley, funeral potahtoes
    Finish      – Potahto doughnut with rosewater and hibiscus gelato
    RRR – Reservations r required

  • GaiJin Izakaya
    GaiJin Izakaya

    Miso bacon, fermented potahto tossed in korean style sweet shoyu.

  • Gateway Restaurant and Lounge
    Gateway Restaurant and Lounge

    The Matchmade

    Braised beef and mushrooms with au jus, fried potahto rosti, butternut squash potahto puree with peas, corn and matchstick potahto.

  • Helios

    Greek Fries

    Our housecut french fries topped with feta, oregano, our secret fry seasoning and authentic greek olive oil. OPA !

  • Hermano's Osborne
    Hermano's Osborne

    Coxinha (Ko-sheen-ya)

    Traditional Brazilian Croquette.

  • Holiday Inn Airport West
    Holiday Inn Airport West


    Traditional Ukranian Borscht with beans, potahto, beets, carrots and cabbage. Finished with fresh Dill and Sour Cream.

  • Hy's Steakhouse
    Hy's Steakhouse

    Spinach Gnocchi with Lobster Mornay Sauce

    Spinach gnocchi, pieces of lobster, creamy lobster based mornay sauce.

  • Kristina's on Corydon
    Kristina's on Corydon

    Yiayia's Poutine

    Gyro meets poutine with our twist on the classic. Layers of gyro meat, onions, bell peppers, kalamata olives, our housemade fries, feta cheese and gravy.

  • La Carnita
    La Carnita

    Mexican Chorizo & Potahto Empanada

    Housemade mexican chorizo mixed with mashed potahtoes inside a light pastry, fried until golden, drizzled with jalepeno queso.

  • Le Garage
    Le Garage

    Roasted Garlic and Jalapeño Cheddar Croquettes

    Potahto croquettes stuffed with jalepeno cheddar and roasted garlic with house aioli dipping sauce.

  • La Roca
    La Roca

    Los Dos Amigos Poutine

    Crispy tater tots smothered with house made panel cheese, shredded nacho cheese blend, chicken and chorizo. Then topped with habanero gravy, pickled coleslaw, jalapeños and served on a hot skillet.

  • Little Bones Wings
    Little Bones Wings

    Blades in the Blizzard

    Thin-cut fantastically breaded potahto wedges served with hot cheese dip or cool cucumber ranch.

  • Little Goat
    Little Goat

    You say Potahto, I say Caramel

    Potahtoes cooked in caramel with roasted fresno peppers, crispy “hickory sticks”, scallions and crème fraiche.

  • Marion Street Eatery
    Marion Street Eatery

    Baked bacon chowder with housemade croutons and topped with jalepeño havarti cheese.

  • Mona Lisa Ristorante Italiano
    Mona Lisa Ristorante Italiano

    Salsicce Calabrese Potahte

    Homemade calabrese sausage satueéd with red peppers, onions and potahte.

  • Monticchio Ristorante Italiano
    Monticchio Ristorante Italiano

    Gnocchi Toscana

    Gnocchi sauteed with italian sausage, roasted red peppers in a delicious Alfredo Sauce.

  • Nicolino’s

    Gnocchi di Montefalco

    Handmade Potahto Gnocchi in a cream sauce with Guanciale, Sundried Tomato, Pepperoncini, Red Peppers, Pecorino, Romano and Parmigiano Reggiano.

  • Niko's Restaurant
    Niko's Restaurant

    The Pig Mac

    Homemade fries, our very own poutine gravy, homemade fourcheese & bacon mac & cheese, house pulled pork, balsamic &  honey caramelized onions with our very own jack daniels BBQ sauce drizzled on top.

  • The Oak & Grain
    The Oak & Grain

    Five Shades of Potahto

    Scalloped yellow potahto, shredded red potahto, pureed sweet potahto, roasted purple potahto, creamed white potahto with  chimi churri infused white potahto cream sauce.

  • The Oakwood
    The Oakwood

    Cumberland Sausage with a garlic mustard mash and caramelized onion gravy

  • Peasant Cookery
    Peasant Cookery

    Breakfast Bowl

    Veal Stock braised fingerling potahtoes, braised pork belly, avocado, turmeric egg and horseradish creme fraiche.

  • Pineridge Hollow
    Pineridge Hollow

    Roasted Lamb Potahto Gratin

    Half Roast Rack of Lamb, Truffled Peak of the Market Potahto Gratin, Miso-truffle vinaigrette, Crispy potahto, Arugula, Shaved Parmesan.

  • Pony Corral Restaurant and Bar
    Pony Corral Restaurant and Bar

    Potahto Croquettes

    Potahto croquettes stuffed with cream cheese bacon and green onion topped with ranch dressing.

    Available at the following locations: Pier 7, Grant, Nairn, Downtown.


  • Praire 360
    Praire 360

    The Golden Boy Latkes

    Manitoba Yellow Potahto Pancakes topped with a chorizo sausage patty, poached egg, housemade hollandaise sauce and amazing smoked goldeye.

  • Praire's Edge
    Praire's Edge

    Praire Potahto Pie with Tomato Pepper Relish

    Very similar to Spanish Omelette, served with salad.

  • Promenade Cafe and Wine
    Promenade Cafe and Wine

    What Came First - the Chicken or Potahto

    Chicken poached Potahto Fondant, fried in Duck Fat with Ballotine of chicken, Madeira, Spinach and Thyme.

  • The Park Café
    The Park Café

    Aloo Tikki

    Breaded potahto pattie seasoned with cumin, coriander and turmeric. Served with green onion, cucumber, tomato, pickled red onion and greek yogurt. Garnished with mint cream, asian chutney and sriracha.

  • Red Ember Common
    Red Ember Common

    Porktahto Pie

    Smoked béchamel, roasted fingerlings, Berkshire bacon, fontina, mozza, chives.

  • Resto 12
    Resto 12

    Jalapeno and Cheese Perogies with Cilantro, Sour Cream and Crispy Onions

    Housemade Manitoba Potahto Perogies, stuffed with local Bothwell Cheddar and Jalapeno Muenster Cheese, served with Cilantro, Sour Cream and Crispy Onions.

  • Resto Garre and Train Bar
    Resto Garre and Train Bar

    Yellow Potahto Blue Cheese Gnocchi, Arugula, crispy sage Brown Butter

    Danish Bluecheese Potahto Gnocchi sauteed in crispy sage and brown butter with roasted Oyester Mushrooms, toasted Walnut crumble and Arugula Balsamic.
    Option to add shrimp/chicken/salmon/lobster for additional charge.

  • Roblin Grill
    Roblin Grill

    Marble Stuffed Potahtoes

    Baked potahto with marble cheese with bacon bites.

  • Santa Lucia Pizza - St. Mary's Road
    Santa Lucia Pizza - St. Mary's Road

    Sicilian Gnocchi

    Gnocchi made with parm and ricotta cheese with sautéed red and green peppers, red onions in a rage made with Italian and Chorizo sausage with herbs and spices in our home made marinara sauce.

  • Saperavi

    Pork or Veal Ojakhuri

    Potahtoes, charcoal grilled pork or veal, eggplants, bell peppers, tomatoes and brine cured cheese seasoned and with Georgian spices and cooked in clay pots in the oven.

  • Saucers Cafe
    Saucers Cafe

    Tomato Basil Gnocchi

    Fresh potahto gnocchi in a tomato basil sauce with sauteed spinach and shaved parmesan.

  • Scout: Coffee + Tea
    Scout: Coffee + Tea

    Potahto Latte

    A latte served in a potahto.

  • Silver Heights Restaurant
    Silver Heights Restaurant

    The Lucky Latka

    Potahto pancake made with herbs, bacon, peppers, cheese and seasoning topped with a basil sour cream.

  • Smitty's Restaurant and Lounge
    Smitty's Restaurant and Lounge

    Potahto Waffle

    A blend of shredded hash browns, eggs and cheddar cheese cooked in a waffle iron and topped with green onions, two strips of bacon and a three cheese blend. Served with a side of hollandaise sauce.

  • Smoke's Poutinerie
    Smoke's Poutinerie

    The Bunny Hugger Poutine

    Local Farmer Sausage, Saskatoon Berries drizzled Berry Syrup and Peppercorn Gravy.

  • The Allen
    The Allen

    3-Course Potahto Tasting Menu


    Vietnamese Sweet Potato Soup – Soul-warming sweet potato, pork and coconut broth to soothe the winter chill.
    Manitoba inspired Roasted Beet and Wasabi enhanced duo of Yellow Potatoes with Smokey Bacon and Duck Breast Sous-Vide.                                                                                                                                                          Decadent Trio of Potato Truffles with Crème Anglais and Fresh Berries.

     Available Tuesday to Saturday – 4:00pm -10:00pm



  • The Canadian Brewhouse
    The Canadian Brewhouse

    Mornin' Hash Skillet

    An all-day breakfast skillet with fingerlings, montreal smoked meat and two soft poached eggs.

  • The Riverside
    The Riverside

    PotAHto Peek-a-boo

    Creamy Scalloped potahtoes with layers of caramelized onions, Gruyere cheese (or Praire Tradition) and pancetta.

  • The Roost
    The Roost

    The Duchess

    Pomme purée baked with a piece of traditional roast beef (or roast mushroom)inside, seasoned with rosemary, thyme and red wine covered in a mushroom gravy, crispy old bay potato sticks.

  • Tipsy Cow
    Tipsy Cow

    Chotato Sandwich

    Chorizo patty and Marble Cheddar in between 2 hash brown patties.

  • Tuxedo Village
    Tuxedo Village

    Potahto Nachos

    Crispy potahtoes topped with seasoned beef, cheese, crispy bacon and green onion. A hearty appetizer.

  • VG Lounge
    VG Lounge

    Local Loaded Hasselback Potahto

    Duck Fat Fried Potahto + Truffle Bothwell cheese + HyLife Pork Belly.

  • Vinnies Hot Foods
    Vinnies Hot Foods

    Kerela Potahto Ishtu

    Kerala Potahto Ishtu is a Southern Indian specialty of potahto made in coconut milk along with Black pepper, cloves, bay leaves, sauteed onion & ginger. This dish can be served mild or spiced up with green chilies as per request. Served along with Dosa (a crepe made of Rice & Lentil). Totally Vegan & Gluten Free Dish.

  • Wendy's

    Chili Cheese Potahto

    With Wendy’s Signature meaty flavorful chili, rich creamy cheese sauce and shredded cheese. Because nothing goes with a potahto like chili and cheese.

Brazen Hall - 2018 Winner

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